NRA in the Mirror – the Letter

WOW. I want to thank everyone who responded to my post from yesterday about the letter I wrote to the NRA Board. I also want to thank those people at NRAAM who encouraged me and helped me wade through these tricky waters. And a special thanks to John Richardson, who posted the letter on his blog. To be honest, I never expected to generate as much interest as we got. I originally sent the letter with about 70 names, and I just sent an updated version with more names. Since then, even more names have come in. I’ll keep sending updated copies as necessary.

Several people have asked me for the full letter, so here it is (linked below). The Board Meeting is this morning. We’ll see how it goes.

Letter to the NRA Board

NOTE: You can still be added to the list of names. If you’re interested, please contact me and include your full name and membership level (Benefactor Life, Endowment Life, Patron Life, Annual Member, etc.). If you’re an annual member, please let me know whether you’ve been a member for at least five years (i.e., eligible to vote). Thanks! NEW RULE: I’ve created a form for you to fill out in order to be added to the list. You can view it here. Thanks!

I need to add one more thing. There are lots of hostile forces out there hoping to destroy the NRA. I am not one of them. But I also don’t want the NRA to destroy ITSELF. It is not perfect (no organization is), but I meant what I said in the letter about wanting the NRA to succeed. We can’t succeed by smiling and pretending everything is okay. I want to help, to the extent I can.