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Are you hanging out your shingle as a firearms instructor but hesitant to shell out several thousand dollars for a website? We can help. Here at FSP, our press crew doesn’t just publish blog posts and instructional materials. We also publish websites! We specialize in low-cost, quick and easy small business websites for busy trainers. Our happy clients include well-known trainers like Tom Givens (Rangemaster), John Murphy (FPF Training)Tim Reedy (TDR Training), Gabe White (Gabe White Training), and Craig Douglas (ShivWorks). Below you’ll find more details about our Website Press. Using a mobile device? Click the little menu icon on the right to expand the tabs. For more info on pricing and design options, check out the “Submit an Inquiry” tab. Thanks!

Why choose FSP?

If you’re part of the self-defense community, you want a website built by someone who understands that community. Oftentimes, web developers aren’t familiar with the way gun folks talk, the things gun folks like, and the kinds of imagery that gun folks appreciate (or despise). For example, have you ever seen a website that features photos of shooters breaking the safety rules? Those are the kinds of things you can avoid by having your site done by FSP. Also, I’m a writer by trade. I’m an English major, a freelance legal writer, an attorney, and a teacher. I’m also formally trained in document design. So, while many web designers can create a beautiful website, I can also help you with your website copy (text). Sound good? Check out the next tab to learn how the process works.

Here's How It Works

We focus on creating websites that are professional and eye-catching while keeping things simple, efficient, fast, and cost effective. There’s no need for a sole proprietor or small business to spend ten thousand dollars on an over-the-top website when a simple, straight-forward site will do. We are not code writers or web developers. Instead, we use templates and content management systems like WordPress. Don’t let the word “template” scare you. We can create unique sites that follow all the best practices in web design and don’t have a “cookie cutter” feel. Check out the Samples tab for a general idea of the kinds of options available using templates.

What do these sites look like?

Here are some screenshots of sites created by Front Sight Press using WordPress (including this very site!). Click on any of the images to visit the sites and browse their design features.



And yes, we also build sites that have nothing to do with guns (especially if they're related to education or law).


Down to the Nitty Gritty

If you're looking for a no-fuss, firearm-friendly website at a reasonable price, please fill out the form below to submit an inquiry. It doesn't take long at all, and if you're not sure of the answer to any question, you can simply say that. Relax  — there's no commitment here. 🙂 The form just gives a general idea of the available options and price points (but keep in mind that no quotes are final until we discuss and confirm the details). If you have any trouble with the form below, please try opening it in a new window. Or if you'd rather not fiddle with these details yet, just send an email. Either way, we'll follow up ASAP and get the ball rolling if you choose to proceed. Thanks for your interest!

Looking for something fancier?

If you need more high-tech customization, here's a shameless plug. There's a wonderful company called Control Alt Designs that offers all kinds of web design work, from super-simple to ultra-complex. They've worked with one-person small businesses, and they've worked with huge companies like Microsoft. That company also happens to be run by my brother, Collin Johnson (keepin' it in the fam!). Brother and sister work together quite a bit on joint projects, with Collin writing the code and Tiff writing the text. If your web design ambitions call for more than what's available from FSP, please consider contacting Control Alt Designs. CAD also offers a full buffet of branding options, including eCommerce, logo design, fliers and brochures, and lots more. Highly recommended!

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