Hope for Water Season

I’ve gone dark lately. That’s partly because I suck at time management and I’ve just been busy as hell. But it’s also partly because of what my therapist likes to call my “Water Season.”

There’s a certain time of year – roughly November to January – when I struggle more than usual. Not sure why, but somehow the cosmos just decided that those winter months were the time when all the bad sh*t would happen. Historically, it’s right in that time frame when all the unexpected deaths, traumas, and other significant losses have tended to blindside me over the years. That’s also the time when it’s f*cking freezing outside, and I absolutely despise cold weather with a passion. It weighs down my mood for weeks on end.

And of course, that’s also election season. I hate election season, because that’s the time when all my friends start attacking each other mercilessly. And being caught in the middle drives me insane (no, seriously – it has quantifiable psychological effects). So, every year, right around Halloween, I start battening down the emotional hatches.

But alas, there’s hope!

Exciting news abounds from one of my favorite people on earth – Sarah Cade – and her super-awesome partner in awesomeness – Jon Hauptman (also quickly becoming one of my favorite people). Those two are starting a new podcast. It’s called Guns’ Guide to Liberals. Here’s the description:

A podcast focused on protecting the Second Amendment in American culture by reducing toxic partisanship and improving how we communicate core values.

And here’s a sneak preview, shamelessly stolen from their Facebook page (hope they don’t mind):


Typically, my only means of avoiding sinking into a scary, destructive, incurable depression at this time of year is to find water – listen to soothing water sounds, go swimming, take long baths, impulsively buy tickets to beach destinations, etc. (hence the term, “Water Season”). But now I’ve got another tool in the tool chest. Whenever I think I might want to divorce all my friends because they’re busy vituperating each other on social media, I’ll just listen to this podcast. The first episode drops on November 18th.

Folks, I cannot tell you how excited I am to see someone taking up the issue of toxicity in “civil” discourse, especially when it comes to guns. And while I’d be ecstatic to see almost anybody address the topic in a responsible way, it’s just irresistible icing on the cake that the two folks actually doing so are Sarah and Jon. I can think of no one better qualified to tackle the subject of tackling touchy subjects. And I know they’ll bring along the dignity and honesty that all tough conversations deserve.

So, here are my suggestions:

Effective argumentation, rhetorical agility, empathy, and (perhaps most of all) patience are critical skills when it comes to advocacy of any kind – whether speaking at a Congressional hearing or surviving dinner conversations at Thanksgiving (the topic of the podcast’s first episode, BTW). Looks like GGL will take a stab at arming us with these priceless tools, starting November 18th.

So, thank you, Sarah and Jon, for helping me fight my way through Water Season this year! If I can help it, this secret weapon won’t remain a secret for long. I hope everyone who’s ever had the faintest hint of an opinion on guns – or any controversial topic – will listen to this podcast.

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