Well now, I wouldn’t be a proper lawyer if I didn’t add an obnoxious disclaimer. So, here it is. Or better yet, here they are. DISCLAIMERS:

    • This website does NOT give legal advice.
    • This website is just for leisure reading.
    • Yes, I am a lawyer.
    • But no, I am NOT your lawyer.
    • I do not represent you.
    • I will not go to court for you.
    • I can’t talk to you about your case.
    • I can’t talk to you about your cousin’s co-worker’s brother-in-law’s case.
    • We do not have an attorney-client relationship.
    • Whatever you say to me is not confidential.
    • I have no obligation to keep secret anything you tell me.
    • That applies to:
      • Comments you post on the site,
      • Private messages or emails you send to me,
      • Smoke signals,
      • Morse code,
      • Hieroglyphics,
      • Sign language,
      • Extrasensory perception, and
      • Anything else communicated to me in any way, shape, or form.
    • You are free to disbelieve or disagree with anything I say here.
    • My posts are my own thoughts from my own head.
    • I speak for myself and no other person, group, entity, organization, or establishment.
    • I’m human; I could be wrong.
    • I blog for fun. Please don’t ruin it.

Phew! There. Sorry you had to read that, but hopefully you understand why I have to write it. Now that I’ve gotten all that out of my system, back to happy blogging!

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