Her Cupp Runneth Over … with Talent

One of my favorite pro-gun chicks is journalist and political commentator S.E. Cupp.  She’s young, but never sophomoric.  She’s ridiculously smart, but not condescending.  She’s sophisticated and dignified, but also very down to earth.  She’s beautiful (some would say “hot”), but she doesn’t have to wear skin-tight, super-short hot-chick dresses like the gals on Fox News.  She’s reportedly an atheist, but she respects people of faith and isn’t rudely dismissive of their beliefs.  Her conservative chops are unassailable, and yet she doesn’t blindly toe the Republican line (she’s pro marriage equality, for example).  Unlike most conservatives, she’s perfectly comfortable holding her own on liberal networks during primetime, without being combative or resorting to ad hominem attacks.

And she’s 100% pro-gun, but she’s also able to show compassion for victims of gun violence.  She famously fought back tears when covering the Sandy Hook tragedy (and I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton campaign tears; I’m talking about human being tears).  That moment in my opinion made her much more endearing and more credible in her continued gun advocacy than the hard-nosed righteous indignation types like Wayne LaPierre, who typically loses opponents’ attention before he even gets to the valid pro-gun arguments.  I look forward to seeing where S.E. Cupp’s career takes her.

↑ CLASS vs. ASS ↓


See also Dave Begel, “Fox News Owns the Shapely Leg Battle,” OnMilwaukee.com, June 7, 2014.

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