Close the Door on Open Carry

My opposition to open carry follows roughly the same logic as Chris Rock’s thoughts on kicking an old man down a flight of stairs.  Yes, occasions do arise where we have a perfectly valid right to do it.  We might even have some remotely conceivable reason to do it (perhaps to make a statement or whatever).  That doesn’t mean we should.

Think about it.  You lose tactical advantage, because you no longer have the element of surprise.  Other people have access to your weapon and might even have better access than you do.  And anyone who’s uneasy about guns will look at you with suspicion and fear.  Heck, they might even call 911 and say something like, “There’s a guy in here with a gun!!!”  The Second Amendment permits you to subject yourself to all that grief.  But when the pros and cons are weighed, why on earth would you want to?

Above Video Clip:
Chris Rock, “Bring the Pain” (HBO, 1996).

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