The Letter – First Two Responses

So far, I’ve gotten three email replies and two formal responses to our letter to the NRA Board of Directors regarding the resolution on conflicts of interest and financial mismanagement. The responses from NRA Board Member David Keene and NRA Secretary John Frazer are below. Both gave me permission to share these here (and I’d like to thank them both for that). See whatcha think.


I’ll do my best to stay on it. Rome wasn’t built in a day. πŸ™‚ Meanwhile, I still welcome anyone who wishes to have his/her name added to our original letter (here’s how to add your name). The more names, the better. #savethenra #changethenra


One more thing. I replied to Mr. Keene to ask him three follow-up questions:

I have three questions, if you don’t mind.

First, you mentioned that there are few board members with financial ties to Ackerman McQueen. The question in my letter still stands: are those board members willing to abstain from any discussion of the resolution I referenced in my letter?

Second, the resolution was referred to the Board, but with no discussion date or deadline. Do you know when the matter will be addressed? Can we assure the members that referring it to the board means it will still be addressed and not forgotten?

Third, may I have your permission to post your letter on my blog (

He replied with a response to my third question (his response was “sure”). He declined to address the first two questions.