I’m on TV! Or Radio! Or Something…

I’m alive! I know, I know… I suck at posting regularly. Sorry about that. But I haven’t been on the beach (unfortunately). Not long ago Baraka James invited me to appear on his podcast, Civilian Carry Radio. The greatest thing about Baraka’s show is that they stick to 2A education, training, and safety. Absolutely no politics allowed! Woo hoo! Now that’s what I call a safe space, LOL. Not only was I thrilled to join Baraka and Allen Sams, but I was lucky enough to have Chief Lee Weems of First Person Safety and Spencer Keepers of Keepers Concealment as co-hosts! Thank goodness, they took it pretty easy on me and didn’t hit me with any curve-ball questions.

Well, there was one slight curve ball: Lee asked me which is my favorite John: John Murphy or John Hearne. Not fair, Lee. Not fair! Both are my ride-or-die Rangemaster brothers (as is Lee), and I adore them both. Which one is my favorite at any given moment I suppose depends on which one is giving me free AR-15 coaching (which both have generously done). 🙂

Wealp, if anybody’s interested in the spot on Baraka’s show, here it is. Enjoy!