Patience, Though I Have Not

Are there lots of thoughts fermenting in my head about the week from hell? Yes. Do I have all the facts? No. So I wait. Wait, watch, and listen. I really wish some of the newly-minted cyber-sages and Facebook philosophers would do the same.

Patience, Though I Have Not
by Sir Thomas Wyatt

Patience, though I have not
The thing that I require,
I must of force, God wot,
Forbear my most desire;
For no ways can I find
To sail against the wind.

Patience, do what they will
To work me woe or spite,
I shall content me still
To think both day and night,
To think and hold my peace,
Since there is no redress.

Patience, withouten blame,
For I offended nought;
I know they know the same,
Though they have changed their thought.
Was ever thought so moved
To hate that it hath loved?

Patience of all my harm,
For fortune is my foe;
Patience must be the charm
To heal me of my woe:
Patience without offence
Is a painful patience.