2016 Tactical Conference AAR No. 1

Phew!!! What a phenomenal weekend! All the trainers at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference did a great job presenting their material, and for the most part we didn’t have any insurmountable snafus. I was originally scheduled to present once, but then I ended up presenting a second time to fill in for another trainer who had a family emergency. Just like last year, I got a lot of positive feedback on my presentation! I hope folks really found it useful. 🙂

Sadly, my performance in the match was abysmal. On top of the fact that I’m already a relatively slow shooter, I had a malfunction and two collar bone shots. All those hiccups conspired to destroy any possible chance of a respectable score, so I hope there was at least some measure of redemption in my presentations.

I’ll have more to say after I catch up on some sleep. But for now, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Friday and say how wonderful it was to see old friends and match a few new faces with familiar names. Have a great weekend. But first, here’s a little compilation of keepsakes from the Tactical Conference. Enjoy!


– tgj