New Digs!

Hey there peeps! Since I so rarely buy clothes for myself, I thought I’d go out and buy a shiny new prom dress for my website. Ok, maybe it’s more like a new football uniform instead of a prom dress. Less corporate, but I hope not too completely spaztastic. Take a look around and see what you think. I even put in a new WYSISWG text editor so you guys can go formatting crazy in your comments and replies! After all, nothing is properly emphasized until it is bold and underlined and italicized in dramatic colors, right? Yup. Let’s get this party started.

cat-partyOf course, I’m still tinkering. And I’m sure we’ll stumble across the odd hiccup here and there. So if you see anything funky going on somewhere on the site, or if you have any suggestions on how I can make it better or easier to use, please let me know so I can consult with my IT department on the 29th floor. Muchos gracias!

P.S. Special thanks to my brother, Collin, over at Control Alt Designs (a/k/a the IT Department on the 29th floor) for helping me get the new site up and running. If any of you need a fast, affordable, professional website (or promotional materials or branding design or eCommerce solutions), Collin’s your guy!

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