Still recovering from PEP3! 🙂 The weekend was absolutely phenomenal in more ways that I can even begin to articulate. Shame on me for missing this event the first two years. I can’t wait for the next one. I’ll post more detailed AARs as soon as I can (school is starting back, so I’ve been swamped trying to prepare for a new batch of students). Meanwhile, enjoy a few pics!


What’s beyond the bend, pray tell? The eager anticipation was palpable as I made my way to the spot on Day 1.


Kudos to the Southington Hunt Club for hosting PEP3.


Mike Centola explains how not to judge a book by its cover. Just kidding. Actually, this master’s-degree-holding corporate cyber-security consultant (and AR platform aficionado) was dropping some knowledge on internet threats.


William Aprill needs no introduction. This year he presented his famous “Five Ws” seminar.


This is what I had to brave on my way from the classrooms to the range. Anticipation was building yet again! And once I reached the range, it did not disappoint. It’s not every day I get to use a rocky cliff as a backstop.

Told ya. Awesomeness.

Told ya. Awesomeness.


My first class devoted exclusively to the BUG, and my first time training with Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy. Hopefully, not my last. He was GREAT.


Dr. Lauren Pugliese taught a block on emergency care for pets. Ike and Tina would be glad to know I attended this seminar! And Lauren was fabulous. Fab. U. Lous.


“Southnarc” (Craig Douglas of Shivworks) and Larry Lindenman tackled the all-too-important topic of managing the “don’t shoot yet” scenario. I wish more trainers would cover this essential material. There’s so much more to personal defense than marksmanship.


Lauren Mock and Tamara Keel discussing one of the scenarios presented in Southnarc’s MUC class (Managing Unknown Contacts).


Legendary Lawdog Marshal Chuck Haggard, a/k/a Emperor of the Known Universe (all nicknames courtesy of William Aprill). Chuck now runs Agile Training & Consulting and teaches a mean pistol manipulations class.


Chuck and his RSOs did a great job managing a packed class of shooters from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill levels.


The (in)famous night shoot! Thanks, Chuck, for giving me my very first exposure to outdoor low-light live fire.


Paul Sharp of Sharp Defense, layin’ healing hands. Can’t say enough good things about this dude.


Paul Sharp working out the kinks on grip and recoil management.


Shenanigans. Such a fun group! They never take themselves too seriously.


One of my personal highlights. We ate at Main Street Grill, a brewery housed inside an old converted mill. I love the sound of water. Love it.


Not a bad sight to behold during dinner.

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