Paper, Clock, Pansy, Pearl

It just so happens that 365 days ago, this here blog busted out of the closet with its very first post, aptly entitled “The Closet.” According to the top hits on el Googletto just now, if my readers and I were married we’d be swapping gifts of paper, clocks, pearls, and pansies. So, even though most of you are already off the market, here’s my celebratory gesture as FSP turns a whopping one year old:

PAPER. These are all the student assignments I have to grade and appellate briefs I have to write before I ever get around to pecking out blog posts. I’m really sorry I can’t always post as often as I’d like. Unless of course any of you want to take some of this work off my hands…


CLOCK. Here’s an alarm clock that I should probably use more often if I ever want to get any better about the issues underlying Gift #1.


PEARL. I hope in the past year you’ve at least found one or two pearls of wisdom buried in this rubble. I guarantee you I’ve collected more than my fair share of nuggets from you guys.


PANSY. El Googletto says this is a pic of pansies; but I am the most non-flowery chick on earth with the blackest thumb in history, so it could be a Venus Fly Trap for all I know. Anyway, here’s to hoping this blog will continue to blossom for at least a little while longer.


Thanks for sticking with me. Y’all pull up a chair and make it another year. Hooray!



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