Cherry Pop

Before I conclude that the entire world has permanently sunk into hell’s basement, I think it’s high time for some lighter fare!!! For months, I’ve been troubled that my newly acquired BSG was bitter that its maidenly bore had yet to be penetrated. Well, last weekend, my new toy finally got some long-overdue loving!!! And I must say, after firing an AR-15 for the very first time, the affinity I once felt for pistol shooting has been a bit … dampened. 🙂

This is my beloved BSG at 50 yards (100-yard zero):


And here we have my BSG at 100 yards (same 100-yard zero). Not the tiniest rifle group ever accomplished, and never quite hit the magic spot… But hey, cut me some slack! It was my first time!


And just for fun, because my homie Steve (a/k/a Peaches) scores ridiculously high on the awesomeness charts, I got to have a little fun on one of his super-duper-fancy-schmancy bolt action rifles! Steve assures me that this one actually isn’t super-fancy, but it was golden to me. After all, it’s not every day I get to see the world at 15x magnification.


Aaaaaaaaaand now I want a bolt gun.

Last but not least, I recently had one of those moments of complete and total, inexcusably irresponsible impulse. After belting out a 30-page legal brief in as many hours of non-stop staring at a laptop, I stood up, strapped on my “screw it” boots, and marched right into the local gun store. Forty-five minutes later I was at the range testing out my brand new Glock 43. What can I say; I told you I was curious. See what happens when I strap on my “screw it” boots? Bye-bye, discretionary funds.


I know, I got a little sloppy at 10 and 15 yards. Blame it on the new-gun syndrome (too excited to resist slapping the trigger). Don’t tell Tom.

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