What Time is It?

It’s Tactical Conference Time!!!!!

I am achy and sleepy and tired but giddy with excitement. There are a whopping 250-some-odd folks descending on the Ol’ Bluff City for Tom’s annual bang-bang pow-wow, and the weekend features over thirty seminars from some of the nation’s best trainers… plus one very humbled scrub who is teaching at a bright and sunny 8am this fine new ice-glistened morning: Yours Truly. I’m not expecting a huge crowd for my sessions since (a) Mother Nature has blessed us with a very un-Memphis-like flash freeze and (b) my topic isn’t terribly sexy amid all the other star-studded awesomeness that’ll be floating around the building for the next three days. But hey, I’m awake, I’m vertical, and I think it’ll be fun. Wish me luck! And if any of you are here in Memphis for the conference, I look forward to meeting you!!!

– tgj

P.S. – Special kudos to my good buddy Craig, who has had my back for 15 years and woulda/shoulda been presenting right next to me for a team-taught session this morning were it not for those dang doctors who insisted that he have surgery. Thanks so much for all your help in putting the seminar materials together. This one’s for you!! Now hurry up and get well so we can have lunch and chat about how nervous I was and whether or not the audience poll actually worked…