Second Amendment Foundation Training Division

So, for the most part we all love the NRA, which is adorably well-intended despite the occasional hiccup (like having a convicted murderer at the helm). But let’s face it: at least on the civilian side, the NRA training program has largely focused on competition. When it comes to personal defense, folks more often resort to local trainers, or they travel far and wide to those two or three storied, sprawling, savings-account-siphoning mega-schools of old. But fear not! There’s a new kid on the national block! While the NRA is busy rattling cages at the legislature, another group is making quieter waves in the courts: the Second Amendment Foundation. SAF is just another 2A advocate fighting the good fight on a slightly different front. And what’d’ya know, now they’ve added a national training division.

Rather than sporting or hunting, the SAF Training Division will focus exclusively on personal defense, and I’m kinda psyched about it. SAFTD is the brainchild of veteran NRA Training Counselor Richard Smith, and the curriculum was designed by Tom Givens. After more than a year of planning and tweaking and lots of help from dedicated volunteers, the program just launched earlier this month. Those of you who made it to SHOT Show might have seen the Training Division reps at the SAF booth. So, if you’re interested in training that was born and raised in the world of defensive tactics (and doesn’t require a week off of work), check out the SAFTD. And don’t be discouraged by the fact that some sleepy security guard let little ol’ me sneak my way onto the national board of officers. 🙂 Take a look at the press release below, and please wish us luck as the program grows nationwide!