Humble Pie

So, one of my homies served me up this massive slice of yuletide humble pie on the range the other day. Is anyone familiar? From Paul Howe’s website? This was my first time trying it. Fun course, but definitely gave a few more New Year’s resolutions. Resolution No. 1: Shoot faster, but stay accurate. Resolution No. 2: Now shoot even faster, but still stay accurate. Resolution No. 3: Speed it up some more, but don’t sacrifice accuracy. My buddy said he’s shot this course clean before. As for me, well, I will keep working at it…


Only score shots in the center box and head of the CSAT target. If an enemy turns sideways, that will be all the shooter has to engage, resulting in a worse case scenario.

Paul Howe's CSAT Target

(1) Ready: 1 shot – 7 yds… 1 sec
(2) Holster: 1 shot – 7 yds… 1.7 sec
(3) Ready: 2 shots – 7 yds… 1.5 sec
(4) Ready: 5 body / 1 head – 7 yds… 3 sec
(5) Ready: 4 shots (2  targets) – 7 yds … 3 sec
(6) Ready: 2 shots weak / 2 shots strong – 7 yds… 5 sec
(7) Ready: 1 shot malfunction drill (TRB) – 7 yds… 3 sec
(8) Ready: 2 shots, reload, 2 more – 7 yds… 5 sec
(9) Rifle up: 1 dry fire/transition, 1 shot – 7 yds… 3.25 sec
(10)  Holster: 1 shot kneeling (1 target) – 25 yds… 3.25 sec

Someone please correct me if I’m botching my translation of Paul Howe’s rangese (and folks complain about legalese – LOL). The pic is Howe’s CSAT Target, which is used for this course of fire. The center hit zone is I think seven inches across. I’m told that the course is not primarily designed for civilian applications (hence the rifle/pistol transition drill); but still, it was a great course for pushing myself on the clock. Fun, fun, fun!!! Humble, humble, humble! 🙂

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