Mea Culpa

Hey, here’s one for all my police buddies out there. How many times have you retrieved incriminating evidence from a suspect who then exclaimed, “Hey, how’d that get in there?” Or “No way, that’s not mine!” Or “I have no idea where that came from…”

Lesson of the Day: If you’re gonna carry the same bag around all the time (including on trips to the range), consider periodically dumping it out and completely scouring its contents in order to rid yourself of the odd errant fly-away round that might happen to snuggle itself down into the deepest crevice of said bag unbeknownst to you. That way, when you eventually attempt to board a plane with said bag months or years later, you won’t end up getting molested by the TSA and signing a bunch of scary paperwork and feeling like a common criminal.

Government interrogation notwithstanding, I had a fabulous time in Vegas!!! Not at the blackjack tables (yawn), but here:




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