TDSA Tulsa: Advanced Combat Pistol

Back in mid-May I had the pleasure of taking Advanced Combat Pistol (Level 1) from Marshall Luton and his amazing crew at the Defensive Shooting Academy of Tulsa.  Here is part of the testimonial that I wrote after the class.  Highly recommended!

…Last weekend I took the APC1 course, and those two days were far more rewarding than I ever would have imagined. With less-talented trainers, the “instruction” might have consisted of commentary like “you missed” or “too low.” But the TDSA trainers went way beyond that. They took the time to meticulously diagnose why every shot went where it did, and they clearly articulated specific ways to correct every misstep. They explained things verbally, then personally demonstrated the skills they had just taught, and then had the students work on every skill. Even though it was a fairly large class (24 students), I often felt like I was getting one-on-one instruction. Several times while I was shooting there was an instructor staring directly at my hands and coaching me through every phase of every shot. It was immediately apparent to me that these guys are not doing this for fame or fortune. They want their students to actually learn. They push for measurable improvements. And even with my occasional mistakes, I never felt embarrassed or condescended to. These days, “crack shots” are a dime a dozen, but effective teachers are a priceless rarity. And very few are humble enough to prioritize their students’ success over their own egos. Marshall and his team have all these attributes and more. This class included male and female hunters, competitors, and defensive shooters of almost every shape, size, race, age, background, and experience level. I’d be willing to bet that every one of us got our money’s worth and much, much more. I know I did. I am now a better shooter AND a better coach. I plan to take the class again…… and again and again and again, as long as I’m able. To Marshall, Mike, Jeremy, and Jay: thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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