Second Amendment 1-2-3

Yet another post-worthy pearl of wisdom from Craig, who I think might be taking a friendly jab at my tendency to be long-winded (sorry about that). 🙂


Blogs and bloggers are supposed to be brief. 300 words are generally considered the max for most blog posts. That’s difficult for me. I generally give rather long defensive arguments concerning the 2nd Amendment.  No, I’m not defending; I’m explaining the 2nd amendment. So, here’s my attempt to make it clear as to why there is a 2nd amendment in one word, two word, and as many a three word explanations.

The 1-word explanation:

  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Murder
  • Kristallnacht

The 2-word explanation:

  • Richard Speck
  • Strange Fruit
  • Ted Bundy
  • Korea Town

The 3-word explanation:

  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
  • James Byrd, Junior
  • Knock-out Game

If you don’t know any of the historical references or the names mentioned, you should look them up. And when you do, think about the crimes perpetrated. Think about defending yourself or your loved ones in those situations, be it from individuals or entities. That’s why there is a 2nd amendment. And why law-abiding citizens should be armed.

And I’ve got 135 words left over!

– Craig Harper

Thanks, Craig!  All points well-taken — both the ones at the surface and the ones lurking beneath…  😉

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