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Welcome to Front Sight Press! So glad you could stop by! The purpose of this blog is to offer modest insight on a topic that affects us all: the Second Amendment in the 21st Century. When you think of a Second Amendment supporter, what image pops in your mind?  Maybe an older white dude who worships Ronald Reagan and has a wall full of medals from Vietnam? Well, that’s another reason I decided to write this blog: I hate stereotypes. So, welcome to the mind of a young black female who happens to believe strongly in the Second Amendment. Here are just a few of the topics that interest me:

Let’s talk about guns.

But first, check your preconceived notions at the door.

For most of my life, my only exposure to firearms was negative: friends and family members getting shot, robberies, home invasions, car-jackings, and all the carnage we see on the news every day. In my early twenties, a family tragedy made me HATE guns with every fiber of my being. But then I realized that I had never actually touched a gun, had never even seen one up close, and knew almost nothing about them. So, one day, out of the clear blue sky, I walked into Rangemaster in Memphis, Tennessee, and told the strangers at the counter that I was terrified of guns. Their response: “We’ll fix that.”

Sixteen years and scores of classes later, I am what you might call a convert. My introduction to “the gun world” has afforded me the opportunity to meet all kinds of people who I might never have otherwise encountered. And now I’ve got a somewhat unique perspective on guns: I’ve lived in both camps and heard arguments from people I trust and respect on both sides of the debate. On this issue I’m not an idealist. I’m a realist. And frankly, BOTH sides sometimes frustrate me. A lot. Both sides have some valid points, but both sides do and say dumb things that hurt their own causes. Both sides (excluding the crazies) are usually genuine and well-meaning, but neither side readily admits that about the other.

Then there’s me, often caught in the middle. It’s a lonely space at times, especially now that recent trends in the gun debate have driven such a gaping wedge between the opposing points of view. I certainly don’t fancy myself an expert on firearms or self-defense. That title is reserved for giants like my mentor at Rangemaster, Tom Givens. But, if you’re tired of the same old talking points from the same old faces, here’s a simple blog from a simple chick who just tries to keep an open mind. With any luck, maybe you’ll find a few useful nuggets of fresh perspective here from time to time.  Hope you enjoy!

– tgj ๐Ÿ™‚

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55 comments on “What’s this Blog About?

      • Tiffany โ€“ I found your blog from a gun organization whose initials are PP when looking for a local trainer.ย  I see you mentioned Rangemaster of Memphis in this post.ย  Are youย a trainer there?ย  If so โ€“ Iโ€™m interested in getting some training and permits.ย  You may or may not be on facebook but I am for a reply.ย ย  Judith Shelton



        • Hi, Judith! Yes, I am a Rangemaster instructor, and I would love to talk to you about training and permits. Please feel free to email me using the Contact link above. I am also on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!

          Tiffany ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Found your site of the link Mas put on his Backwoods Home blog. Very interesting and well written.

      I’m an Australian firearm owner and hunter. Yes we exist with lots of paperwork and of course are the most law abiding people of any group.

      No right to carry here except for some limited work situations. I have had one of these some years ago.

      Grew up on farm, started rifleย shootingย at 8 and never stopped. Had times when university, children and other things slowed me down but trying to find time to do more.

      Keep up the good work.

  1. Hey Tiff,

    Glad to see your blog is going strong. I stop in now and then for an opinion I always valued. Love it out here in the mountains, how are things in Memphis going ? Glad to see that everyone is able to get together now and then for a little abuse, miss the Range. Hope you and Ike and Tina are all well.


    Steve T.

  2. Also late to the party; found out about your blog after seeing your name mentions on Kenn Blanchard’s podcast notes. I’m liking what I’m reading, and look forward to more.

    David (OWD, libertarian, atheist)

  3. I met Brad Ackman at Frontsite, What a total asshole. He was rude the day we talked, like he couldn’t spare 5 minutes to talk with a war vet. I just want him to sign my book about his life at Frontsite. I loved the book and the stories. I did get the book signed I guess that was the good part.

  4. “Front Sight Press” … hmmm, not what I thought I’d find when I saw the URL … Not associated at all Ignatius Piazza & crew out west south-west of Las Vegas, eh? (www.frontsight.com) Have a look there, you might want to check out some of their courses as well. (For me, the 4-day shotgun class was the most fun I’ve had with a firearm.)

    Anyway, nice to know about another “don’t fit in the convenient stereotypes” person wishing everyone would just tone it down and start talking WITH each other rather than screaming AT each other….


  5. Hi. I am a black, libertarian, army vet, gun lover. Welcome to the club of fitting in absolutely nowhere. I look forward to reading the blog of another person that doesn’t fit the stereotype.

  6. Finally got a chance to check out your site, Tiffany. Very impressive. It’s good to be able to read different opinions about things without the usual insults and name calling you see on other blogs. Looking forward to reading more.

  7. Glad I found you (thanks Tam). I have 4 shooting ranges on my place here in Montana, 25 yard pistol and rifle to 300 yards and still don’t get to shoot as much as I would like. If you get a chance to watch a “competent ammo re loader” rolling his/her own, you might catch the bug and it’s a good way to learn more about what’s going on when the trigger is squeezed.
    You have a great perspective, please keep it up.

  8. I am always a little late to the party. I saw your link on Tam’s site and was curious. I grew up in DeSoto County and spent a good bit of time in Memphis while growing up. I now live in Oxford, where we now have both an indoor range and an outdoor range, with another outdoor range planned by the MS Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. I plan on following your site, as I find your outlook refreshing.

  9. I was a bit trepidatious when you talked about entering that gun store for the first time. That’s not always a great experience even for an experienced shooter. I am glad yours was. I look forward to reading your blog. It should be interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I now have reason to believe that had I wandered into certain other local gun stores I might have had a very different experience. Lucky me! Just goes to show, gun folks should always be mindful of the influence that first impression can have on curious, impressionable minds (i.e. potential converts like me). Thanks for tuning in! -tgj ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Holy moley, Batman. It’s a Tamalanche!

    White dude of a certain age with the medals and scars to explain some of them. Even after getting out I was not interested in guns (while in they were only a means to staying alive) until one day I experienced something that made me realize that harsh words and 911 were not going to cut it. Training led to enjoyment of the sport which led to meeting lots of good folks (and some doozies of not-good folk) on both sides of the argument.

    I’ve put you on my daily reading list. Hope to see more that makes me want to keep you there. (And just being pro-gun does not get anybody on that list.)

    stay safe.

    • Thanks, skidmark! Those of you who are putting me on your daily reading lists, I really appreciate it! And I’ll do my very best not to get kicked off (no pressure or anything)! -tgj ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Same here. Good to have you aboard. Tom Givens is a great mentor to have.

  11. Another Tami follower, glad to have found your blog. Look forward to following it. Question, have you attended an Appleseed weekend yet? If not check us out at Appleseedinfo.org. Great rifle marksmanship training and much more. Corvette

  12. Well at the risk of being redundant , Tam sent me . I’m glad she did!

  13. Hi Tiffany,
    Love your blog (I’m another import from Tam, she throws a wide loop). I’m a white guy of a certain age who is also a lawman and Tennessee HCP Instructor. It’s good to hear from someone on the left side of the state (geographically speaking). If your travels ever bring you to the Knoxville area, let me know and we’ll go shooting.

      • So I’ve increased the people you know here by 100%! there are serveral good people worth knowing in the area, including Says Uncle, Instapundit (you and he are both lawyers and know the secret handshake lol) and Dennis at Dragon Leather (even if he’s a transplant from New Yawk). I live in Sevierville actually but can be in deep West Knoxville in about 40 minutes. We are also getting a Bud’s Guns outpost with indoor range here. It’s under construction now and may be open very soon. Come visit sometime.

      • Likewise. I live just past the western end of Knox County. TAC and Frontier Firearms both have pretty good indoor ranges near me. If you happen to be in this area, I’d be happy to get some range time in.

  14. Am here by Way of Tamara’s Shout Out so to speak. Glad to have found and reviewed you blog, I’m proud of you because your a stand out Tennessean and the best of what our state represents. I’m a recently retired LEO in the Clarksville TN area. If I can provide assistance feel free to ask otherwise I’ll stand you to a meal if our paths should cross or offer hospitality should you have need of such.
    Joe S.

  15. Old guy, hubby, dad, grandpa here.
    Just got here from Tam’s, will be a daily visitor!

  16. Thanks to Tam I checked out your blog. I like it.
    Welcome to my daily read.

  17. Another visitor from Tam’s blog. I am interested in hearing your perspectives!

  18. Tiffany:
    Good morning! Just finished reading your content. Amazingly fresh outlook. Talk about breaking all the stereotypes!! I found your blog from Tam (I need to send her a thanks)
    I am the guy you mention in your first paragraph (older white dude). Keep up the posts. Thoroughly enjoyed the read.
    Good luck.

    • Thanks, JPD! Happy to have you here! Stop by often and chime in whenever you feel so inclined. I’m always happy to hear everybody’s point of view! Well, maybe not everybody… But sane people are always welcome! -tgj ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. So nice to hve found your blog. Please keep up the good work.
    Even we stereotypical old guys enjoy a new colleague.

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