Dominance Paradigm 2.0

Shameless plug!!! Earlier this year, I wrote an AAR on what can only be described as the holy trinity of personal defense training: Tom Givens, William Aprill, and Craig Douglas (a/k/a “Southnarc”) offering their first joint class. The inaugural “Establishing a Dominance Paradigm” course was reserved for a hand-selected group of students. Now that they’ve successfully piloted the program, the instructors have expanded it to open enrollment (although it is NOT a course for novices). EDP 2.0 will take place January 8-10, 2016, again at the luxurious BDC Gunroom in Shawnee, Oklahoma. If anyone has a spare weekend and could use an expert tune-up on defensive mind, body, and tools, join the party. As always, I’ll be giving out free hugs. And who knows… maybe I’ll get shot in the eyeball again!

Establishing a Dominance Paradigm